CMI Specialty Insulation is not your ‘run of the mill’ group of insulation people. We pride ourselves in being some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry. CMI is privately owned which means that we don’t get caught up in red tape like most large corporations. We know our customers’ needs are always changing, so we like to be ready at a moment’s notice to help them get the job done right. We hope you’ll give us a chance to completely change the way you think about insulation suppliers.

Meet Our Crew

Dave Swenson – Owner / President

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Dave was born and raised in Salt Lake City, UT. He graduated from Skyline High School in ’70 and then went on to get a degree in Business Administration from Brigham Young University. Dave served an LDS mission to the Dallas/Fort Worth region of Texas. He and his wife Shelly raised 5 kids; 4 boys and a girl. All four boys have received their Eagle Scout award and have served full-time LDS missions around the globe. Daddy’s little girl is no exception. She is an accomplished dancer receiving awards around the country. When not in the office, Dave can usually be found deep in the rugged terrain of the Rocky Mountains on his four-wheeler or watching wales on Maui. Dave has worked in the insulation industry since 1973. Dave was a full-back for the Pittsburgh Steelers from ‘76-‘79 but was forced out of the league with a finger injury.

Gary Stapley – Vice President / Sales

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Gary was born and raised in Salt Lake City, UT. He graduated from Skyline High School in ’78 and then attended the University of Utah. Gary Served an LDS mission to Arcadia, California. Gary and his wife Wendy have 5 kids; 4 girls and a boy. Gary works with the scouts in his area. He also coaches girls little league soccer. Gary loves the outdoors spending his vacation time hiking the backcountry of the Rocky and Uinta Mountains. He is an expert hunter, fisherman, and accomplished skier. Gary has been in the insulation industry since 1979. Gary was a small forward for the Utah Jazz in 1984 but was cut early in the season due to a nagging rash.

Delven Tychsen – Sales / Production

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Delven was born and raised in Rexburg, ID. He graduated from Madison High School in ‘88. Delven served an LDS mission to Atlanta, Georgia. Delven and his wife Sarah are proud parents of four beautiful children; 2 girls and 2 boys. Delven works with the youth in the community teaching responsibility and leadership. He is a master carpenter, enjoys skiing, four-wheeling, fishing, and writing cowboy poetry. Delven has been in the construction and insulation industry since 1989. Delven was on the PGA tour in 1993 but was unable to compete in the tour championship due to distractions related to his protruding coccyx bone.

Jeanne Kluse – Office Manager

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Jeanne is the middle child (number 3 of 5 kids), growing up. She graduated from Murray High School and attended Snow College. She later moved to Dallas Texas where she met and fell in love with her soon to be husband. They were married and raised 3 wonderful children who are now all grown up and having families of their own. Jeanne was widowed at age 35 and got started into the insulation business shortly thereafter and has been there ever since. Jeanne’s passions are her grandchildren, flower arranging, and cooking. She is on the board of directors of Camp Hobe’ which is a camp for kids with cancer. Jeanne was a member of the 1988 Olympic synchronized swimming team but was forced to retire after a long struggle with bunions.

Devon Swenson – Sales / Marketing

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Devon was born and raised in Sandy, UT. He graduated from Jordan High School in ‘97. Devon Served an LDS mission to Mongolia. He graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in marketing and business administration. He married his sweetheart who grew up down the street, and are now proud parents of four children. Devon enjoys skiing, mountain biking, fly-fishing, four-wheeling, and watching sports. Devon has worked in the insulation industry since 1992. Devon was on the U.S. Olympic swim team from 1999-2000 but was unable to swim in the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney due to amblyopia (lazy eye) which caused him to run into the wall a lot.

James Swenson – Purchasing / Sales

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James was born and raised in Sandy, UT. He graduated from Jordan High School in ’01. James served an LDS mission to Phoenix, Arizona. James currently attends Utah Valley State University seeking a degree in business management. He is scheduled to graduate in 2012. James spends his free time shooting guns, fixing computers, camping, and playing video games. He has worked in the insulation industry since 1998. James participated in the Stilting World Championships in 2000 and is currently training for the Mr. Stilting Universe held in Stockholm, Sweden in 2019.

Jose Olmedo – Manufacturing Manager

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Jose Olmedo resides in Salt Lake City with his wife Marie and 5 happy children. Jose is a soccer fanatic! He loves to play in local soccer leagues and watch his favorite Mexican soccer team from Guadalajara. Jose enjoys spending time with his family and friends especially over a meal of Mexican steak. Jose has been working in the insulation industry since 1993. Jose was team captain of the Mexico World Cup soccer team in 1992 but was forced into early retirement due to ear infections.

Paula Bond – Payroll / Accounting

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Paula was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. She graduated from Highland High School and attended Salt Lake Community College. She married her sweetheart, Robert, in November 1987. Together they are raising three amazing children. Their two boys are very involved in sports and their daughter with dance, which keeps them quite busy attending all their activities. Her interests are gardening, spending time with her family, camping and relaxing in the sun. She has been working in the Construction Industry as an accountant since 1987, taking a few years off in between to be at home with her children. Paula was expected to win the U.S. figure skating nationals in 1985, but was barred from the competition for attempting to hit a competitor with a steel pipe.

Heather Westover – Estimator

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Heather was born and raised in Provo, Utah. She graduated from Timpview High School in 1995 and was married shortly after. She has four awesome kids, 2 boys and 2 girls. After divorcing in 2010 she attended UVU and graduated with a degree in Behavioral Science. She enjoys spending time with her family, taking their dog Charlie on Sunday walks, reading, writing and baking yummy treats to eat. Heather was on her way to hosting her own cooking show on Food Network until she was offered a position at CMI.