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40 Years of Insulating Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

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A little bit about us

Decades of industry experience have given us a great understanding about systems that work and do not work in commercial buildings. Our systems reduce labor costs significantly and improve the overall look and feel of the building.

Energy Code Compliance is our specialty

Whether you are looking for insulation options for your metal building, pole barn, tilt wall building, or geofoam project – we have seen it all! Regardless of what some online forums say, there is never a one-size-fits-all insulation system. At CMI ,we understand that each project is unique. Sometimes owners and contractors need qualified direction on what insulation system will best suit their needs and budget.

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Our proven approach can help maximize heating and cooling system efficiency, control condensation, and provide an excellent looking finish.


Pole Barn Insulation

Just because it’s a pole barn doesn’t mean it needs to be insulated like a barn. No matter what you use the space for there are ways to insulate the right way on a budget.



Geofoam is a lightweight engineered fill that is designed to deliver the highest level of stability for transportation, commercial construction, and landscaping applications.


Basement Wall insulation

If you are insulating a basement wall or crawl space we have a variety of economical vapor barrier facing options for you to choose from.