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Tilt Wall Insulation

A Tilt-Wall building is a commercial building constructed with solid concrete walls. The concrete walls are formed and poured laying flat on the ground. Once the concrete is cured they stand the walls upright forming the exterior shell of the building.

Rigid Foam Insulation comes in sheets of 4’x10′ x many different thicknesses. Starting at the base of the wall we level the sheets and pin them to the concrete using battery/gas actuated nail guns. We required a pin at each corner and one pin between corners on all four sides. The pins should be placed in the seams of the sheets therefore holding two pieces at once. It is very important that the pins are attached to the concrete securely. Once pinned to the wall we require that the air cover is snapped closed over the head of the pin. Next is to apply tape over every seam and pin creating a nice straight line. The tape needs to be applied using a squeegee and firmly pressed to the insulation board removing all air bubbles and debris. Some applications require that we clean the face surface of the insulation before applying the tape in order to remove oil or water that may prevent the tape from adhering securely. All doors and windows need to be cut to specific sizing to ensure that we leave a clean,. square, finished edge. All cut or unsealed edges need to be taped before applying to the wall so that the tape is fully incasing the material.