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Frequently Asked Questions


What should I do if my product was damaged during shipping?

Please contact us immediately by calling 801-352-9800

What should I do if some of my product was missing upon arrival?

Please contact us immediately by calling 801-352-9800

When can I expect my order to ship?

It typically takes our team 1-2 days to put together a custom quote for your building or barn, takes around 3 days to cut and roll your insulation, and another 2-3 days for us to get your order to you. Our average customer will receive product to their job site in five business days.

What time can I expect my order to arrive?

If we’re not ready for delivery, can CMI Insulation hold the product in your warehouse?

Can I get a copy of the delivery ticket?  (Lost the original copy)

Do you ship to other states than Utah?

Yes, we ship our product to hundreds of job sites across the United States.

How will my insulation be shipped?

Your insulation will be shipped by truck.

Will the driver contact me prior to arrival?

Yes, our drivers will contact you via phone before it arrives at your job site.

Do you use your own trucks to ship the insulation?

A lot of times, yes, we will use our own trucks to ship our product. However, sometimes we have to ship via LTL or Common Carrier.

Order Errors

What should I do if there was not enough tape included with my insulation?

Please call us at 801-352-9800 and we will send more tape via UPS.

What should I do if the roll lengths are not correct?

I made a mistake when I placed the order. Can I change it?

Why did my order not include any tape?


Why is the amount on my invoice different than expected?

Can you bill us ASAP so we can invoice our customer?


Can I return extra material for a refund?


Will the fiberglass lose R-Value when it is compressed during installation?

Yes, the insulation will lose R-Value after it is installed in your building or barn. The R-Values listed on our insulation are pre-installed values. We actually wrote a blog post on this that you can find here.

Will the insulation rolls labeled so we’ll know where they go in our building?

Yes, each roll will be labeled and you will receive a legend to provide you quick and easy installation.

Can you install the insulation for me?

Is there a legend that describes where each piece of insulation goes?

Yes, you will receive a legend with your product.

What should I do if I need help with installing my insulation?

Why is the insulation brown? Shouldn’t it be white or pink?

Our insulation is brown because of a bio based binder that is included in the insulation. This binder acts as a glue that holds together the glass fibers and helps the insulation hold its shape and maintain performance.

Will the white facing on the insulation hold up to wear and tear?

The white facing should hold up to wear and tear as long as it is properly maintained.


What is the difference between your facings?

What other kinds of insulation do you sale?


What makes CMI better than your competitors?

There are several reasons why CMI Insulation is better than our competitors. You can read about them here.

Can you help me design a system to meet the energy code?

How fast can you get me a quote for my job?

Our insulation experts can typically get you a quote for your job in 1-2 days.

Can I get submittal documentation?