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Retrofit Insulation Systems

Save Money By Retrofitting Your Metal Building

If you have ever thought of adding insulation to your metal building…you have come to the right place! CMI has developed a proprietary system that is the fastest and easiest to install, and not to mention the best looking system in its class. This system has been used in hundreds of buildings throughout North America transforming dirty and tattered looking interiors into bright clean looking surfaces that make the building look brand new again.

There are several advantages to CMI’s retrofit insulation system over any other method. Our retrofit system for metal buildings and pole barns is one that a single person can install, where other systems require an entire crew to hold the material in place while it is fastened to the structure. Many contractors have called for our retrofitting system after hours of failed attempts to install the insulation with their own metal strapping or channeling. Our system can’t be beat!

The CMI retrofit system is an easy and effective way to support laminated blanket insulation between the purlins in a steel building. At CMI we use John’s Manville Formaldehyde Free fiberglass. Formaldehyde Free fiberglass is significantly less itchy and dusty than the pink or yellow stuff, and doesn’t stink either! We then laminate the fiberglass with the industry’s most durable facings to offer you an exceptional smooth quality finish. Our installation process is fast and simple: the insulation is unwound between the purlins on the underside of the roof, then, by using our exclusive CMI purlin clips and wire system, the rolls are secured into place creating a grid of exceptional look and hold.

How is adding insulation to my building a great investment?

  • Energy cost savings will pay for your investment in a few short years.
  • Overall working environment will be much more comfortable, increasing productivity.
  • Clean and professional internal appearance will increase building value.
  • Federal Tax Deductions are available.

If you are interested more in learning about retrofitting your metal building or pole barn, fill out the short form below!