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Skyrail Roof Sheet Moving System

Skyrail is a roof material moving system designed to improve roof sheeting productivity. By keeping the roof sheets close behind the leading edge of the roof, crews will spend less time carrying roof sheets to the work area. Skyrail is economical and easy to use. Each trolley can support 1,000 lbs. A fully loaded system must be stationed above or close to a structural frame as possible.

One of the biggest issues with roof repair and construction is the time it takes moving equipment along the roofline. Often, crews have to assign workers that could be installing roofing to instead keep the materials distributed out along the roof as the crew progresses. Skyrail was invented to solve this problem. It is a moving system designed specifically to move metal roof and thereby improve the productivity of roof sheeting. Instead of having to move the material themselves, the trolley moves along with the roofers, eliminating the need for a designated ‘material moving’ crew member. The Skyrail is easy to use, cost effective and can support up to 1,000 lbs.