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Insulation 101

  • Why Formaldehyde Free?
  • Heat Transfer & Thermal Values
  • Vapor Barrier Facings
  • Condensation Control
  • Installation of Metal Building Insulation
  • Storage of Laminated Fiberglass

Why Formaldehyde Free?

At CMI we produce Formaldehyde Free insulation, and nothing else! Let us tell you why. Formaldehyde is what insulation manufacturers have used for decades to bond microscopic glass fibers together to make…

Heat Transfer & Thermal Values

R-Value: Thermal Resistance – The measure of the ability of a material to resist heat flow. The higher the “R” Value the greater the thermal… READ MORE

Vapor Barrier Facings

The main function of facings is to act as a vapor barrier. While a vapor barrier may not necessarily be able to stop the flow of water vapor, it does an excellent job of minimizing the rate and volume… Read More

Condensation Control

This occurs when warmer moist air comes in contact with cold surfaces such as framing members, windows and other thermally conductive accessories, or the colder region within the… READ MORE

Installation of Metal Building Insulation

Roof insulation rolls are cut to lengths that will cover the distance from eave to eave, leaving a one foot overhang on each side of the building. Occasionally more than one roll may be needed… READ MORE

Storage of Laminated Fiberglass

All packages should be elevated above the ground or slab, away from the walls, and stored on a flat surface. This helps prevent contact with water and allows air to circulate in and around the insulation. Please exercise care in handling, since the vapor… Read More