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Mineral Wool & High Temperature Insulations

Roxul Mineral Wool provides a comprehensive range of fire-resistant insulation products for commercial building applications. Roxul insulation is recognized and trusted by top architects and contractors across North America who specify our products for energy efficiency, sustainability, fire protection, water resistance, and sound control. Roxul commercial products are protecting property, extending building life cycles, and enhancing occupant comfort. Plus, they’re designed to make construction faster and easier. Our products have a higher density than conventional insulation — making them easier to cut and to achieve a precise fit for maximum R-value and sound absorption. See our full range of fire-resistant Commercial Products listed at the side.

Roxul Mineral Wool – Commercial Product Line

  • Roxul AFB®
  • Roxul CavityRock®
  • Roxul ConRock®
  • Roxul CurtainRock®
  • Roxul DrainBoard®
  • Roxul FireWall™
  • Roxul MSB
  • Roxul Plus® Metal Building
  • Roxul Plus® Steel Stud
  • Roxul RockBoard®
  • Roxul Safe®

Ceramic Blanket Insulation

Insulation designed to handle temperatures up to 2300 degrees. Thermal Ceramics Kaowool Blanket is air-laid into a continuous mat and mechanically needled for added strength and surface integrity. Blanket products do not contain organic binders. Thermal Ceramic Blankets also provide excellent resistance to chemical attack and are unaffected by oil or water. Thermal and physical properties are restored after drying.