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Fiberglass Boards

Rigid Fiberglass Board

Insul-SHIELD is a series of rigid thermal, semi-rigid and acoustical fiberglass boards. They are made from glass fibers that are inorganic in nature. The fibers are bonded with a binder that is thermosetting. Rigid fiberglass boards are used when framing isn’t present. Often, they are used for acoustical installation, as the fiberglass boards tend to be very sound absorbent. The rigid fiberglass insulation is available in many thicknesses, lengths, widths and densities. It can be purchased faced or unfaced in thicknesses of 1” to 3”. There are a variety of applications for Insul-SHIELD:

New & Retro-Fit Construction

Our insulation systems provide acoustical and thermal insulating values for parking structures, mechanical rooms, noisy gymnasiums, exterior curtain wall cavities, theaters and commercial construction.

Custom Curtain Wall Construction

This type of installation is ideal for curtain wall construction. When used on steel framed buildings exteriorly, it helps reduce heat gain during the summer and heat loss during the winter. Consequently, the cost of air treatment equipment is reduced considerably, thus cutting down energy expenses in the long term.

Standard Metal Panel Construction

There are a variety of densities, facings and sizes for the insulation of metal panel buildings including assembly buildings, power plants, sports arenas and other facilities.

General Construction

Insul-SHIELD can also be used in concrete structures such as banks, shopping centers, parking garage ceilings and any other low-rise commercial building.