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Pole Barn Insulation

Insulating A Pole Barn

Pole barns and buildings are built to last, and proper pole barn insulation helps ensure your structure lasts. Other advantages to pole barn insulation are helping regulate inside temperatures, assisting with the prevention of moisture buildup, making the structure more comfortable for people and making it a safer place for animals and machines. Proper pole barn insulation also helps save you money by keeping your energy costs down throughout the seasons, specifically during the winter and summer months.

Pole Barn Insulation Options

There are a few types of insulation options commonly used for pole barns. One of those methods is spray foam. While this choice is widely accepted because it can seal corners and cracks and those oddly shaped spots that air creeps in through, it is also the most expensive choice. And we all know cost plays a big role when deciding which insulation method to purchase.

CMI offers two other insulation options for pole barn owners — faced fiberglass blanket and polyisocyanurate board insulation — both of which are very cost-effective.

Pole Barn Insulation Blankets

Faced fiberglass blanket is designed specifically for structures with metal sheeting and is easy to install. This type of insulation is ‘Class A’ fire rated, controls heat flow, restricts condensation and maximizes lighting efficiency. Our insulation is also formaldehyde free, which makes it user friendly, whether your users are people, animals or machines.

Pole Barn Insulation Boards

Polyisocyanurate board is a type of rigid foam insulation for exposed applications, and tends to be used when a flat sheetrock-like look is desired. This type of pole barn insulation is offered in varying thicknesses, lengths and facings. Polyisocyanurate insulation has a white foil vapor barrier on each side of the material that keeps water from traveling into the walls of your pole barn that could cause mold and structural deterioration.

So no matter the size, style or use of your pole barn, CMI provides an array of pole barn insulation options perfectly suited and priced for your built to last structure.