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Simple Saver

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Superior Insulation System

Simple Saver System is a liner system that provides a beautiful finish to a metal building that hides unsightly purlin framing.  As a huge selling point to building erectors, this system provides through fall protection anywhere on the roof that it is properly installed, according to manufacturer’s Instructions. This fall protection is not limited to the leading edge during the installation and roofing process.  Simple Saver System is custom made for each order and our durable vapor barrier fabric spans the entire bay’s width and length in one piece. The vapor barrier fabric is supported by a grid pattern of color matched tensioned steel straps which are installed below the purlins/joists.  This creates the space for uncompressed, high R Value insulation packages.

Added Value of Simple Saver:

Engineered Strength for Safety – FREE

The Simple Saver roof liner system is engineered to be strong and durable for job site safety, is OSHA Compliant and a patented fall arrest system. The super strong liner system withstands the rigors of installation and provides workers beneath with protection from falling objects. The liner system then permanently supports the insulation. This limits the liability of owners, designers and contractors (Standard 29 CFR Definitions–1926.751 “Controlling Contractor”). The fall protection benefits are free, but only with the legitimate, patented Simple Saver System (Patent # 5901518).

Class A Fire Safety Rating – FREE

The vapor retarder fabric liner of the standard Simple Saver System is self-extinguishing as it complies with: ASTM 1136, Types I through VI; NFPA 701 Large Scale; flame spread of 25 or less per ASTM E-84 (equivalent to NFPA 255, ANSI 2.5 or UL/ULC 723). Special order or modified products may be tested upon order by the purchaser for the costs of the tests.

Absorbs Sound – FREE

Provides excellent yet inexpensive acoustic finishes where conventional suspended ceilings are not appropriate or not in the budget. Standard system has 75% sound absorption (NRC 0.75). This superb by-product of the Simple Saver System comes free with the system. Excellent for gymnasiums, arenas, houses of worship, manufacturing, entertainment spaces and multipurpose room

Finishes and Decorates – FREE

The Simple Saver System’s free, bright white appearance is often used as an exposed interior finish in buildings. Purlins and girts are hidden, eliminating the cost to paint them. Various colors and strap patterns may be specified to obtain unique aesthetic appearances. The ceiling and wall surfaces are washable and easy to maintain.

Brightens Interiors – FREE

The bright white, light reflective surface enhances efficiency of the lighting system, eliminating about 30% of the number of light fixtures. Light reflectance tests of up to 85% are achieved. Savings of lighting equipment, wiring and electricity result in substantial dollar savings for the building owner. Low ultraviolet producing light sources or UV filtered lenses are necessary to prevent UV degradation and obtain optimum service life.

Helps Prevent Condensation – FREE

The high strength Simple Saver fabric liner isolates the cold conductive purlin and girt surfaces from the inside conditioned air, reducing the exposed conductive purlin and girt surface areas from about 50% of the roof and wall areas to a fraction of 1%. Water vapor transmission rate is ≤ 0.02 grains per hour/sq. ft. for the standard fabric liner. Factory-made, triple extrusion welded seams are for safety and uniquely pressure resistant to assure the very low vapor permeance and vapor retarder integrity as opposed to thousands of staple holes or hidden, unsealed lap joints typical with laminated insulation