Insulation Products

Metal Building Insulation

Our insulation is formaldehyde free, making it very user friendly. It is itch, odor, and dust-free as well. It is fire resistant and designed to be used in metal buildings. It also prevents condensation, controls heat flow, and is a great noise suppressor. There are a variety of systems available allowing you to choose the one that best meets your needs.

Thermax Polyiso Board

Thermax boards are advantageous for those looking to insulate while creating a finished look for the interior of their building. Once finished, this insulation system eliminates the need for further painting or spackling the ceiling or walls. These boards are fire rated and install quickly no matter where they are being used. Another advantage to these boards is that they are lightweight, making them easy to be cut apart with a knife or a saw. In order for boards to meet the fire rating specifications, the joints must always be closed with a joint closure system or sealed with tape.

  • For exposed applications

Other Rigid Insulations

The two other types of rigid insulation are styrofoam boards and fiberglass boards. Styrofoam boards such as DOW extruded board, is designed to address issues in construction where high moisture content is present. These boards are extremely mold resistant. Fiberglass boards are used when framing is absent, thus creating the need for a less flexible insulation to be used. Rigid fiberglass board insulation is available in many thicknesses, lengths, widths and densities for temperature control or acoustical applications. It can be purchased faced or unfaced.

Specialty Insulations

Specialty insulation includes acoustical, under slab and high heat insulation. Acoustical insulation is designed to control sound transfer instead of heat transfer. It is ideal for theaters and HVAC applications where discrete and unobtrusive are key variables. High heat insulation can handle temperatures of up to 2300 degrees used typically in fire rated doors and walls. Under slab insulation is used to prevent heat from leaving through the floor of a structure.


Many accessories are available for installation. Venture tape for fiberglass duct boards, patch tape for systems such as the Skyrider, white banding for High R value systems and thermal break tape adds R value to a total system. There are also stick pins and adhesive, trim strips, spray adhesive, screws and fasteners, and insul-hold strapping.