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Sky-Web II

Sky-Web II Fall Protection System

Sky-Web II fall protection and insulation support system is a lightweight, economical mesh system that provides passive fall protection during construction and then keeps on working as an insulation support system after the job is finished.

The two and three quarter inch diamond nylon mesh is easily installed once structural members are in place providing leading edge protection so workers can move about freely without the inconvenience and lost productivity associated with tie-off systems. Fall protection will still be required for work at the perimeter of the roof.

When the project is completed, the Sky Web II system remains in place, serving as an almost invisible insulation support system for the life of the building.

Sky Web II systems are custom made to precisely fit almost any building configuration, and complete hardware and installation tools are supplied with each order. All Sky Web II fall protection and insulation support systems are made to order so they will properly fit the building they are designed for. They are shipped with all the hardware required for fast and simple installation.

Hardware includes easy to mount v-straps that securely fasten to the building edge. The v-straps hold wire clips that snap onto the Sky Web II mesh holding it firmly in place. These same clips are also used to fasten two sections of netting together for continuous coverage of large spans.