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Sealed “N” Safe

Sealed “N” Safe® Continuous Insulation System

You’ve heard the old adage “Insulation doesn’t cost, it pays!” The same is true for the SNS® Continuous Insulation System.

Things You Ought to Know

  • SNS thermal blocks will extend the life of any screw down roof by reducing condensation
  • Estimated return on investment is around 1 year, depending on your climate zone
  • Will improve overall insulation performance by as much as double and more
  • Sealed “N” Safe® is the only thermal block that meets the AISI S100 2009 Sec D6.1.1 specifications for use of “Stand Off Screws”
  • Sealed “N” Safe® exceeds the International Energy Conservation Code (see table (502.2(1))
  • Carry a class A fire rating
  • 3 Year written warranty

The sealed “N” safe continuous insulation system will save you thousands if not tens of thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars in energy and building costs. We have the numbers to prove it! It can even pay for your building during its lifetime in energy savings.

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