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California Metal Building Insulation

In California, manufacturing and agriculture make up a large portion of the state’s economy. In fact, among all 50 states, California ranks highest in economic production. Worldwide, California is tenth when compared to other countries in terms of the value of goods and services its economy produces.

There are hundreds of major manufacturing companies based in California, including those that specialize in everything from vehicles and aircrafts to electronics, elements, and metals.

When it comes to agriculture, California is America’s powerhouse. About ¾ of the state’s agricultural activity is in crop production, while the other ¼ is in livestock. But no matter the industry or the materials being produced, all companies in this industry have one thing in common: they need structures to aid in the processing, storage, and distribution of their goods.

Even though California’s average temperatures are quite moderate, different products and commodities need various ideal temperatures for storage and processing. With energy costs in California on the rise, it’s important to have a metal building structure with proper insulation that will help to both lower your energy costs and keep your commodities in peak condition.

How CMI Can Help

At CMI Insulation, we have decades of experience in creating insulation systems for metal buildings. Our goal is to provide you with efficient products that both improve the look and feel of your building, and also help reduce labor costs for installation. Here are a few other reasons why CMI products are superior:

  • We only use formaldehyde-free blanket insulation which is also free of dust, odor, and itchy material. Best of all, the higher quality doesn’t result in higher prices.
  • We color code all of our insulation rolls so they can be easily placed and installed
  • We also pre-cut and roll each piece of insulation to aid in efficient installation.
  • Our insulation and laminated facings improve lighting efficiency and greatly improve the overall look and feel of the building
  • Our metal building insulation also helps control noise and prevents condensation all while controlling heat flow.

These are just a few of the benefits you’ll find when choosing CMI Insulation for your metal building. Contact us today for more information or request a quote by filling out the form below!