Styrofoam Boards

Styrofoam is ideal for dealing with issues in commercial roofing. Examples include fire resistance, water resistance, and strength. It has a core that is extremely mold and moisture resistant as well as non-combustible. It also has high performance ratings in strength, moisture, fire, and wind uplift, making it a product that will quickly show a return on your investment.

Rigid Foam Insulation Board – For Foundations, Siding & Roofs

DensDeck® Roof Board and DensDeck Prime™ Roof Board address the challenges in commercial roofing assemblies such as: water resistance, fire resistance and strength.

DensDeck roof board is a highly mold resistant roof panel that consists of a moisture-resistant, non-combustible core of specially treated gypsum with encapsulated glass mat facings. Approved by all leading roofing system manufacturers, DensDeck delivers the highest performance ratings for fire, wind uplift, strength and moisture resistance when compared to other types of insulation.

DensDeck Prime roof board offers all the features of the standard product, plus a non-asphaltic coating that enhances bonding in commercial single-ply and built-up roofing systems. It also includes cold mastic and torch applied modified bitumen.

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