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Colorado Metal Building Insulation

The main drivers of Colorado’s economy are about as vast as its geography. While tourism, financial services, real estate, and aerospace are some of the state’s leading industries, however, manufacturing, agriculture, and energy are also important.

In terms of manufacturing, Colorado’s top sectors are for transportation, chemicals, fabricated metal, electrical equipment, and machinery. Colorado has a wide expanse of rich farmland that is ideal for producing wheat, cattle, dairy products, corn, and hay. The state’s abundance of natural resources has also led to a booming energy sector, including fossil fuels, natural gas, and even clean energy.

As Colorado’s industrial economic drivers continue to grow, so does the need for structures that support those sectors. Whether they are used to house entire manufacturing facilities or simply just as a warehouse for storage, metal buildings are efficient and affordable. And in a climate like Colorado’s where summers are moderate and winters are at or below freezing, it’s important to make sure metal buildings do their job in keeping temperatures regulated, no matter what the season. That’s where CMI Insulation can help.

Superior Products

At CMI Insulation, we have more than 35 years of experience with insulating pre-engineered metal buildings. As such, we know what it takes to create a great product that not only performs well, but is also affordable. Here are a few reasons why CMI Insulation for metal buildings is superior to others on the market:

  • All of our materials are free of formaldehyde, so there’s no itching or health hazards associated with them.
  • The white, laminated facing of our insulation provides for better lighting efficiency and overall better appearance.
  • In addition to controlling heat flow, our insulation also prevents condensation and controls noise.

Easy Installation

In addition to the superior performance of our products, we’ve also designed them specifically to make sure that installing them as simple as possible. We do this by:

  • Customizing each roll for your specific job measurements
  • Color coding each roll for better organization on the job site
  • Creating facing tabs that don’t require stapling
  • Providing products to you that require little cutting on-site