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Skyrider is a roof installation system that installs the facing first parallel with the purlins. Unfaced blanket insulation is then rolled out over and perpendicular to the purlins. The Skyrider machines are best suited for all sized projects on roof slopes 3:12 and lower. The Skyrider machines can be used with Sky-Web II® fall protection.

Skyrider is a great option for anyone wanting to get use a basic installation system on their roof. It is fast, inexpensive, and efficient. The installation system is done in three easy steps. First, a facing is installed on top of and parallel with the purlins. This creates a base whereby the insulation can be installed and secured into place. Second, an unfaced insulation blanket roll is spread out and runs perpendicular to where the purlins run. Last, the metal roofing is placed over the unfaced blanket insulation. This type of installation can be used for any roof sloped under 3:12 and can also be coupled with the Sky-Web II fall protection.