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Montana Metal Building Insulation

Montana is a state appreciated by those who appreciate nature and agriculture. A U.S. state fourth in size, it’s known as Big Sky Country because most of its eastern part is covered in plains that go on for miles and miles, and so does the sky. The western portion of this state is known as Rocky Mountain country, which helped give Montana its name.

Natural resources play a big role in Montana’s economy. This northern state brings in a large sum of revenue from agriculture, mining and manufactured goods. With its vast amounts of plains, Montana is a ranching state that has some of the biggest cattle ranches in the U.S. Cattle are its most important livestock product, while wheat is its leading crop.

Montana is a state that sees varying temperatures throughout the year. It gets cold in the winter, dropping down to single digits or even in the negatives, and in the summer temperatures average in the 70s and 80s with there always being a chance of some higher temperatures in certain areas.

Why CMI Should Be Your State’s Choice

CMI Insulation is a company with decades of experience in insulating metal buildings. We take pride in our services and products. CMI uses formaldehyde-free insulation, which is great for controlling noise, condensation and temperatures. Our insulation is also itch- and odor-free.

CMI also specializes in pole barn insulation, which is needed in Big Sky Country. We offer different insulation options for pole barn owners that are cost-effective and suited perfectly for whatever the use of your pole barn.

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