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Nevada Metal Building Insulation

At first thought of Nevada’s economy, most people probably picture the towering casinos of Las Vegas where billions of dollars flow in and out each year. And while tourism and gaming is indeed the largest industry in the state, several others follow close behind.

Nevada got its start as a state with its success in mining, and that industry continues to be strong today. Believe it or not, Nevada is actually one of the world’s largest sources of gold. But the state also produces large amounts of silver and copper, as well as minerals like iron, lithium, and molybdenum. Geothermal heat is also mined as a power source.

Because the state is within a day’s drive of the major Pacific ports in the Western U.S. states, Nevada has also become a popular place for manufacturing. The state is home to more than 1,800 manufacturing companies that specialize in everything from metals fabrication and chemicals to lumber, paper products, and publishing.

For both the mining and manufacturing sectors, organizations need a way to keep their personnel, equipment, and commodities in optimal condition and away for the intense summer heat that Nevada is so well-known for. Many turn to pre-engineered metal buildings as the easiest solution for this, but these structures also require insulation to keep internal temperatures moderate.

Choose CMI for All of Your Insulation Needs

Here at CMI Insulation, we have more than 35 years of experience with insulating pre-engineered metal buildings. We always put ourselves in the mindset of our customers to make sure our products are superior to anything else the industry has to offer.

All of our insulation products are formaldehyde-free, which means there is no itching, no odor, and less adverse health risks. The white color and laminated facings provide better interior lighting efficiency and also helps to control noise and condensation in addition to heat flow.

For simple installation, we color code our rolls for better on-site organization, and also customize each roll for your project measurements, so there’s little need for cutting. Additionally, our facing tabs don’t require stabling which makes for an even more efficient installation process.

Want to learn more about why our insulation products are superior? Contact us today!