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South Dakota Metal Building Insulation

When it comes to South Dakota, there’s probably one thing that comes to everyone’s minds — Mount Rushmore. This state is so famous for that national monument that it’s nickname is The Mount Rushmore State.

But there’s more to South Dakota than being home to Mount Rushmore. It has the Badlands and the Black Hills, and 90 percent of the state is covered in farmland, prairie and grassland. As a fairly big agriculture state, South Dakota’s livestock and livestock products are important to its economy. Cattle, its top agriculture product, make up 34 percent of the state’s agriculture earnings, and its production of cattle make it the seventh leading state in the United States in cattle production.

And that’s not all. The Mount Rushmore State is also a good business state. CNBC picked South Dakota as the 2013 Top State for Business. One reason it earned the top spot is because it’s a state that doesn’t burden its citizens with lots of taxes. South Dakota has no corporate income tax, personal income tax, personal property tax, inheritance tax or business inventory tax, which helps put and keep more money into the wallets of its citizens and businesses.

In order for South Dakota to stay on top as a leading business and agriculture state, it needs to ensure its workers and their equipment and livestock stay in optimum condition throughout its warm summers and freezing cold winters. Metal buildings are a common solution to withstand weather and save on energy costs, which help keep that money in its citizens’ pockets. But if they’re going to do that, their metal buildings must be properly insulated.

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