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Why Do Business With CMI Insulation?

Things you ought to know about Metal Building Insulation from CMI

  • We use exclusively Johns Manville Formaldehyde Free blanket insulation. Formaldehyde free fiberglass is the first significant new innovation in the insulation industry in over 30 years. Formaldehyde is now known to have health side effects which is the cause for such a change. JM formaldehyde Free insulation is virtually dust free, itch free, and odor free, and it is much more user friendly than the old stuff. Density, thickness, and R values are the same as before with no increase in price.
  • We offer vapor barrier products by Lamtec who is the leader in facing products for insulation.
  • All insulation rolls are color coded to each location on the building for easy placement and installation. The color coding legend is found on our shipping tickets for easy project identification.
  • We pre-cut and individually roll each wall piece. No more dirty rolls from field cutting or “cut and tuck” rolls.
  • Try our vapor barrier tabs that require no staples! It’s a real time saver. You’ll never go back to the old way.
  • We offer full consulting series for energy efficiency design. WE are the Federal Spec experts!
  • We are an official Simple Saver distributor and installer.

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