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Free COMcheck Certification for Metal Building Envelope

Metal buildings are everywhere, and that’s because they serve so many purposes. They can be used for commercial, industrial, recreational and institutional purposes to name a few. In fact, metal buildings consist of more than 40 percent of the low-rise nonresidential construction category.

CMI specializes in insulating metal buildings. Not only do we provide the best insulation for our clients, we also offer free COMcheck certification assistance for metal building envelope.

COMcheck, which stands for commercial check, is the energy code compliance software provided by the United States Department of Energy to assist contractors in becoming compliant to current energy codes.  Local building inspectors typically require a COMcheck compliance certificate before allowing occupancy in a building.  If your building complies with the building energy laws and codes for your state, as well as the IECC and ASHRAE, then you receive our certification.

Fiberglass insulation is a cost-effective and energy-efficient envelope material for metal buildings. It is also a very popular material to use because this type of insulation is designed specifically for metal buildings.

COMcheck requirements vary depending on the purpose of the building and the climate zone where the building will be built. Considering the variety of building components and insulation systems available for metal buildings, not just any insulation system will pass energy code requirements. CMI helps owners and contractors put together insulation systems that will pass energy code requirements in accord with the COMcheck software available through the department of energy.

CMI does this certification for anyone constructing a metal building, and we make sure to always stay aware of new regulations and any energy code changes so that we provide an effective inspection and service for you.

If you’re looking for a company that’s superior in the insulation business and that specializes in working with metal buildings, contact CMI today for more information on how we can help you with your insulation job or receive a free COMcheck certification.