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How To Get Your Local Utility Companies To Help You Pay For Adding Insulation To Your Building

Owning a business comes with many expenses.  Owners and facility managers around the world are continually looking to cut operating costs in order to increase profits.  Purchasing or leasing a building is a major expense that typically doesn’t allow for waste on utility expenses.  With the help of insulation rebates, having an energy efficient building doesn’t always mean high up-front costs.

Did you know you can save money on adding insulation to your building and taking measures to increase the building’s energy efficiency? Your local utility companies often have rebate programs available that will lessen the costs of adding insulation and other energy efficiency equipment. Local utilities companies such as Rocky Mountain Power and Questar can help you with the cost of various installations that improve the energy efficiency of the building envelope.

A building envelope is the separation of the indoor environment from the outdoor environment. It creates the buffer of insulation and other materials keeping the indoor environment heated and cooled when needed.

How do you get your local utility companies to help with this? Here are a few suggestions:

1. Learn more about available rebate programs.

The first step is to do your part to see what programs are available. Make a phone call or Check the website of your local utility companies to see what rebates may be available in your area.  A little research on your end could save you a substantial amount of money.  You may find the following rebate programs to be beneficial:

  • Rocky Mountain Wattsmart Business Program – This program is for new construction or major renovations and provides incentives that value between $0.05/square foot to $0.35/square foot depending on the type of equipment you are installing.
  • Questar ThermWise Business Rebate – This rebate is for commercial roof/wall insulation. Roof insulation is around $0.16/square foot and wall insulation is near $0.12/square foot.

2. Make sure you fit within the guidelines of the program.

Check all the terms and conditions of the rebate program. Check the dates of rebate to ensure you can apply for the rebate program. Rebates are only available within a certain number of days from your purchase. Be sure to check these deadlines to ensure you can qualify for your rebates. Within the terms and conditions are specific details for applying and set limitations.

3. Purchase qualifying products and save all your installation information.

Some rebates require a pre-qualification of all equipment before a purchase is made. This helps you and the utility companies offering the rebate to ensure you purchase the right products so there are no setbacks in the application process. It also helps save time and money on the program process.

4. Submit the application.

The final step is to submit all applications by the set deadlines. Most utility companies require you to submit all paperwork within six months of the purchase date and within the promotion dates of the rebate offer.

These steps can help you save time and money while working to improve the energy efficiency of your business.