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What is the Best Way to Insulate a Steel Building and Why It May Not Be Your Best Option?

Steel buildings can be frustrating structures to maintain. While the skeleton of the building is made of incredibly durable material, the rest of the building is nothing more than metal on top of metal. Which means any type of temperature regulation within the building will almost seem like a wasted effort. The heat can run constantly in the winter, with air conditioning in the summer, and yet hardly a difference can be felt on the inside. In order to keep energy costs down, insulation is needed. The question is often asked, what is the best way to insulate a steel building?

The best answer to this question is one specific method. Spray foam. Spray foam is the best because it can fill and cover cracks, corners, and other strangely shaped places through which air can pass in a building. By covering all of these locations, not allowing air to constantly sneak through cracks and nooks in the insulation, the effect of the insulation is significantly higher.

But how reasonable is this option? Installing spray foam into your steel building can be extremely expensive. The cost estimates are shockingly steep, especially for those with smaller businesses purchasing pre-engineered steel buildings. Oftentimes, spray foam is too far out of the price range for many businesses. Many companies at this point give up, assuming there is no cost effective solution.

CMI provides its customers with another option. CMI specializes in insulating new and existing pre-engineered steel buildings using fiberglass blanket. Through a variety of insulation options, CMI has created a wide range of methods that have been proven to be effective by its vast array of customers.

Insulating your building will save you significantly on your energy bill, paying itself off in only a few short years as your building stays warmer in the winter months and remains cooler in the summer months. CMI knows that all companies have different budgets. While you may not be able to afford a spray foam insulation, you can afford the quality of CMI insulation. With low cost, high efficiency, and customer satisfaction on its side, using CMI is a decision you would not regret.