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When is the Upgrade to WMP-50 Facing Worth the Extra Expense?

The facing materials that serve as vapor retarders and barriers for your fiberglass insulation are key components to the structure of your metal building. But there’s always a dilemma when choosing the correct facing for your insulation needs—in this case, when is the upgrade from a WMP-VR to a WMP-50 worth the extra cost?

Before we answer this question, it is important that you first understand what both products offer.


WMP-VR is the most popular (and basic) form of protective facing. For its low price, it is an incredible quality and standard duty product. It has received good ratings from nearly all types of industries, including agriculture, manufacturing/industrial, and warehouse buildings but is most excellent for chemically-hostile environments. WMP-VR is suitable for most applications and is durable with moderate abuse when used for roof installation.

Because of its low expense and high quality, WMP-VR is a favorite among contractors and is suitable for the majority of basic roof-mounted applications. Its cost and quality are two can’t-beat factors for those looking to choose budget-friendly options that are also good long-term investments.


WMP-50 is a good choice for extra durability and maximum abuse resistance in comparison to WMP-VR. Its added cost per square foot is linked to its superior perm rating, strength, and longevity compared to other facings. WMP-50 can be used for wall installations and is built for high abuse resistance.

And a good thing to note is the foil-esque layer on most WMP-50s is not actually foil, so unlike what some people claim, it doesn’t serve or have any added benefits of being a radiant barrier.

Because of its higher cost per square foot, it is not the most popular facing on the market, but its increased perm rating and durability ratings make the extra cost well worth it. For highly abused environments, it will give you a better lifetime investment than a standard WMP-VR installation.

When Should I Upgrade?

The upgrade to WMP-50 is certainly worth the extra cost when you need the extra durability and strength. In comparison to WMP-VR, WMP-50 has a higher rating for resistance and abuse for all types of building structures. Most buildings don’t need the extra resistance or durability in the roof area because they’ll never be exposed to such abusive conditions. We recommend you consider WMP-50 if you’re looking for a solid facing for any exposed wall surface, especially when an interior liner panel is not used.

At the end of the day, the upgrade should be made only when the longevity of your insulation is at risk. WMP-VR facing is the most popular product on the market because it is sufficient for the majority of building insulation and resistance needs. But if your metal building is in an environment that requires greater tensile strength, and better perm ratings, consider making the upgrade to the stronger and more durable WMP-50 facing for a greater lifespan and overall investment.