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What is a Retro Fit Insulation System and When Would You Need to Consider It?

Adding insulation to your steel building can seem daunting at first. The costs are overshadowed by worry over the process and benefits.

If the labor behind installation is a concern, CMI’s Retro-Fit insulation system can put your mind at rest. This system is one of the simplest on the market. Unlike many other installation systems, a crew of workers is not required. Only one person is required to do the installation. The creation and process of the CMI Retro-Fit system is fairly straightforward. Our formaldehyde free fiberglass is laminated with a heavy-duty, smooth facing. It is then rolled up. When the insulation is rolled out between the purlins, one person has to simply use CMI’s purlin clips to securely fasten the insulation into place. Thus, a team of workers (and the payment for their labor) is not required, simplifying the process.

But the type of insulation to use is not the only decision to make. Choosing the correct R-Value for your insulation is important as well. The R-Value is a measurement of a material’s ability to resist heat. Therefore, the higher the R-Value, the greater the efficiency of the insulation. A high R-Value is especially important in places with extreme weather changes, in locations with incredibly cold winters to supremely hot summers. Insulation with a higher R-Value will be more effective.

But thermal efficiency isn’t the only advantage to insulating your metal building. Your building’s appearance can be made over as well. The insulation used at CMI, when installed, makes any building more aesthetically pleasing. CMI laminates all of its insulation with heavy duty, pristine white laminate. Pure white laminate lining your ceiling and walls provides a clean, new, bright finish, lightening up your entire building and completely making over its appearance.

Lastly, insulation improves acoustics. When a sound hits solid surface, it can cause vibrations on the surface, transmitting that sound to the other side. As a result, outside noise can be easily transmitted through the ceilings and walls of your building. This, of course, does not include noise than can be transmitted internally, from one room to another. If insulation is installed, however, the sounds can no longer cause the surface to vibrate as easily, as the insulation acts like a sponge, absorbing the sound waves.

If you’re hesitating about getting your building insulated, don’t be. Retro-Fit insulation from CMI is simple, cost effective, and provides more than one improvement to any building