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Seven Ways To Make Your Metal Building More Energy Efficient

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With ever growing expenses and energy use of companies, there a several ways to cut costs and save energy. Here is a list of seven things that will help your company with energy efficiency and saving money.

1. Taking your business outside: Plant trees around the outside of your building. In colder climates trees can act as a windbreak and in hot climates they provide natural cooling. Trees can reduce temperatures by 3-6 degrees. San Diego’s Office of Sustainability found that three well-placed trees can save up to 30 percent of a building’s cooling costs.

2. Power Down at Night: It may seem like a no brainer to power down computers at night but many people simply put their computer in sleep mode. Computers aren’t the only machines that can be powered down at night, copiers and printers can as well. This can save between $50 and $150 each year per device just by turning them off.

3. Circulate the air:  Since most metal buildings have high ceilings, the bulk of the heat loss during the winter months occurs through the roof.  Since there is typically a 2 degree increase in temperature per 1 foot increase in height, the temperature at the ground can be a cool 60 degrees with a ceiling temperature of 90 degrees!   Even the best insulated roofs will lose significant amounts of heat if the warm air is not forced back down to the floor level.  Paddle fans installed in the roof or other air exchange equipment can save many thousands of dollars per year in heating expenses.

4. Invest a little to save a lot: A simple change that may cost a little bit up front but pays off when your electricity bill comes. Replace incandescent light bulbs for compact fluorescent light bulbs. Compact fluorescent bulbs are 75% more efficient, which means you could save up to $200 for every 5 light bulbs changed.. Other areas where you can spend  a little to get a big return; replace old windows with energy efficient windows, making sure your building is properly insulated, and add motion sensor lights in areas with low traffic, lights will come on only when needed.

5. Temperature Control: Install locking systems on thermostats allowing only certain individuals to set heating and cooling temperatures. During the summer setting thermostat up one degree will save 2-3% on cooling costs. Adjust thermostats during off hours, higher during cooling months and lower during heated months.

6. Add Insulation:  There are some very cost effective ways to add insulation to a metal building.  Our insulation retro-fit systems can drastically affect the comfort levels within the building year round, and significantly cut energy costs as well.   Adding insulation to an existing metal building is much easier than you may think!

7. Energy Assessment: An energy auditor can be called to inspect your business and see where money and energy are being lost. They will check for leaks, insulation, furnace, and ductwork and see where little fixes could be made to save money.

So there you have it! Doesn’t sound like too much work to save a lot, does it? If you’re interested in looking at what it will take to add some insulation to your metal building, contact us by clicking here.

Image Source: Allied Metal Buildings