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As the Building Season Slows Here in Utah, Building In California Continues at Full Speed

welcome to californiaThe state of California is at the top when it comes to manufacturing. In 2011, California manufactured over $220 billion worth of products and goods, which placed them in the leading spot for manufacturing. This being said, it’s no wonder commercial construction in California is booming. That means that builders are busy and need to work with experienced and professional contractors to get the job done right and on time.

How is it that commercial construction is booming in California? Investors are spending money on new ventures and companies. These businesses are churning out the many products the nation’s population uses every day as well as the many products exported across the world. Because of the demand for the California products and goods, new commercial construction continues on through winter—long past when it slows in Utah.

CMI Insulation has that experience and professionalism. Our staff is conscientious of what California builders need and want in a good insulation supplier.

Protecting Your Newly Constructed Building

When investing in a steel building, you look at your projected loss on your initial investment against projected business profitability. Protecting your investment is of great importance as it will help your building last and will reduce overhead expenses. We help businesses in California to protect their investments in the following ways:

  • Protect Against Condensation – If moisture lodges in the insulation of your building, the heat transfer coefficient of your building can increase dramatically. We have the knowledge and experience needed to properly install insulation in the building envelope in order to reduce condensation.
  • Free of Formaldehyde – There is significant evidence supporting the thought that formaldehyde is a volatile carcinogen. Not only that, but it causes other health hazards like fiberglass dust and microscopic slivers. We at CMI prefer to protect our employees and customers and work only with formaldehyde-free insulation.
  • Save Money – There is nothing more costly than paying to fix a mistake when it comes to new construction. Costs can vary from only minor additional costs to extremely expensive overhauls. Don’t risk making mistakes on the installation of your insulation and use our team of experts to help you do it right the first time.

CMI Insulation Can Help You Save Money on Your California Steel Building

Because of federal government incentives and rebates, building with energy efficient methods and materials has never been as inexpensive as it is today. CMI will help you get the rebates you need to make insulating your building in California cost effective.

If you are interested in purchasing insulation for your metal building, click here to contact us today.