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What Are The Differences Between Metal Buildings & Pole Barns?

You need a structure ASAP and you’ve done the research and are now debating between a metal building or a pole barn. Which do you choose? Does it really make a difference?

A pole barn is made with wooden poles that are set into holes in the ground and then connected with beams and braces. Once those are secure, a roof is added. Pole barns are easy do-it-yourself projects that are fairly inexpensive.

Metal buildings, unlike pole barns, require a concrete foundation to anchor the entire structure. Once the foundation is laid, the frame of the structure can be built then adding on the wall sheeting and the roof. Metal is more expensive than the lumber to build a pole barn. Renting equipment to lay the concrete foundation and to build the structure also raises the price of the metal building.

Because metal buildings are made from steel, they don’t run the risk of becoming infested with termites and are less of a fire hazard than a wood pole barn, though it should be noted that any fire would warp the steel. The metal barn is also more durable in inclement weather because of the steel is stronger than wood.

While pole barns may not look sturdy, if constructed correctly and repaired when needed, can withstand the harsh weather conditions. Pole barns usually have trusses near the roof, which can be useful for hanging objects, and keep them off the floor. The truss clips also will reduce the chance that a high wind will take the roof off the building.

The bigger the building, the more likely one would lean towards using steel. A larger building is easier to build out of steel because you can bolt the small pieces together securely. Pole barns require lumber that is precisely measure for the specific dimensions. Both types of buildings will require insulation depending on the locale and weather conditions. Because of size differences, your insulation cost for a metal building will be more than the insulation for a pole barn.

While the materials and the structures may be different, both types of buildings are proven to be durable even in harsh weather conditions.