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Why Do We Take the Time To Pre-Cut and Individually Roll Each Piece of Insulation?

At CMI Insulation, our motto is “Always imagining we’re the customer.” Everything we do is based on imagining we are the customer so we can provide the best products and service. This is one reason why CMI is the only place to buy insulation systems for your metal buildings and pole barns.

We know the importance of your insulation needs, which is why we pre-cut and individually roll each piece of our insulation. We provide these services because it’s beneficial to you, the customer, and considerably better than the alternative option

Other companies that don’t offer these services make you go the route of field cutting. This process requires an installation team to cut your product on site. Field cutting increases installation labor time and costs, and it’s also wasteful and messier.

When your insulation rolls aren’t pre-cut and individually wrapped, your installation process ends up taking more time and costing you more money. The installation team has to cut each roll to make it fit for you on the spot before they begin installing, requiring them to do more work that then forces you to pay them more.

An additional reason we pre-cut and individually roll our insulation for our customers is so you don’t have to deal with a messier situation than necessary. Most construction sites are a dirty, muddy mess, which means your new white facing will become dull and unappealing when it has to be cut on site. You also don’t have to deal with all the leftover waste of the unused insulation with us.

At CMI Insulation, we provide the best service and products to save you time and money, which is why we take the time to pre-cut and individually roll each piece of insulation for each customer.