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Why Do We Use Johns Manville Formaldehyde Free Insulation?

Formaldehyde is a colorless gas that has a very distinct smell. It’s most likely used in several products in your house, such as cabinets and furniture. When used with these products, it’s given off as a gas that mixes with the air. This means you’re exposed to it when you breathe and some absorption also happens through your skin.

There are health concerns associated with formaldehyde exposure. Depending on sensitivity and the amount of exposure, people have experienced symptoms like skin irritation, sore throat, nosebleeds and asthma. It can also cause air quality issues like air pollution.

Because of these concerns, CMI uses formaldehyde free insulation for metal buildings and pole barns.

We use Johns Manville because it supports a safer, healthier environment indoors and outdoors, which is what we want for our customers.

Another way formaldehyde free insulation makes your homes and buildings better places to be in is being odor free. This way you and your family can breathe in and smell the difference.

CMI also uses Johns Manville formaldehyde free insulation because it’s better to work with. If formaldehyde is used, microscopic strands of fiberglass become stiff and brittle, and as the fibers move or bend they shatter, which sends those tiny glass fibers into the air causing you to have skin and respiratory sensitivity. So because we don’t use formaldehyde, there’s flexibility in our insulation fibers and you don’t have to deal with the frustration of sneezing from dust or having itchy, irritated skin.

While other insulation companies use formaldehyde to make their blanket insulation, CMI chooses not to. We like working with materials that are good for our customers and us, and that’s why we use Johns Manville formaldehyde free insulation.